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Want to learn why Product-Led Growth is of rising importance? Learn hands-on frameworks and insights from world-class Product leaders to scale GTM & business practices while driving conversions & revenue.


When PLG is at play product experience is not just a part of Customer Experience. It is the experience. Learn what Product and Customer Success leaders are doing to deliver stellar CX with insights derived from the product itself.

What to Expect


PLG Disrupt will feature industry? leaders on a range of topics that will challenge and inspire Product Managers, Engineers, Customer Support and Success leaders who build, deliver, and scale products customers love.


Get advantage of our sophisticated networking feature and breakout rooms to connect with thought leaders & other attendees in real-time. Got more to say? You can always stay connected in our Slack community.


Live interaction and engagement opportunities during every session. Attendees will be able to engage with speakers and fellow peers while sharing their insights and learning from real-world experiences.

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Thursday 9:30 am EST

Opening Keynote

Product-Led Growth Hub

Thursday 10:00 am EST

Partner Keynote : Enabling Product-Led Growth with a People-First Approach

Felix Eichler, CTO & Co-Founder Userlane

Thursday 11:30 am EST

Leveraging Pricing and Packaging to Drive PLG

Lisa Singer, VP Principal Analyst Forrester

Thursday 12:15 pm EST

How to Deliver B2C Products for Foreign Markets

Idan Fargeon, Product Manager Lead, Alibaba

Thursday 13:00 pm EST

How to Built a Product that Acquires Users

Matt Billotti, Product Lead Growth & Lifecycle, Drift

Thursday 13:45 pm EST

Is it okay to fire a Customer?

Peter Lyon VP Customer Success at Poppulo, Co-Founder Customer Success Network

Thursday 14:30 pm EST

How to Incorporate Tech-Touch to Scale Outcome-Driven Customer Success.

Teresa Anania VP of Global Customer Success, Zendesk

Thursday 15:15 pm EST

Building Discoverability & Onboarding Into Feature Launches

Inessa Lurye VP of Product Management , Yesware

Thursday 16:45 am EST

Fireside Chat: Agile Product Marketing

Jonathan Maimon Head of Product Marketing, Elementor & Muneyb Minhazuddin VP Product Marketing, VMware

Thursday 17:30 pm EST

Fireside Chat: PLG Ownership

Amitai Gat | Head of Product at Elementor, Shane Correa, Serial VP Customer Success Leader

Thursday 18:15 pm EST

Building Product-Led Sales & CS teams for SaaS

David Apple, Head of Customer Success, Notion

Friday 10:00 am EST

Why Customer Adoption Should be Everyone?s KPI

Alison Skidmore, VP Customer Success, SAP

Friday 10:45 am EST

PLG GTM Transformation for the Enterprise

Ismail Madni, Head of Pricing Strategy, Okta

Friday 11:30 am EST

Product Driven Digital Transformation

Jeremy Horn, VP Global Head of Product, Cognizant

Friday 12:15 pm EST

How to ?ffectively ?lign with your Product Team

Sydney Strader Head of Customer Success, Catalyst

Friday 13:00 pm EST

How Product Ops Empowers Product Management at Calendly

Srinivas Somayajula Head of Product Ops, Monetization & Growth, Calendly

Friday 14:30 pm EST

How to Better Run Win/Loss Analysis Programs

Parag Pathak, Team Lead Product Marketing, IBM

Friday 15:15 pm EDT

Building a Customer Feedback Process to Drive Product-Led Growth

Ingmar Zahorsky, VP of Customer Success, ChartMogul

Friday 16:00 pm EST

Prime Your Product's Positioning for Direct Response

Yoni Solomon, Product Marketing Director, G2

Friday 16:45 am EST

Transforming Employee Experience in the Digital Workplace

Anna Mamalaki, Board of Directors, National Human Resources Association | Org,Development & Human Resources Consulting Director, Business: The Human Aspect LLC

Friday 17:30 pm EST

Driving Product Innovation Through Customer Insights

Francisco M. T. Bram Head of Global Product Marketing, Uber

Friday 18:15 pm EST

Customer Obsession for Product Leaders

Nancy Wang, Head of Data Protection Services, Amazon Web Services | CEO, Advancing Women in Product

Friday 10:00 am EST

Growth through customer engagement: Delivering ?aha moments? to your product users with Userlane

Margaret Quigley, Sr. Business Development Manager | Maria del Mar Mitjavila Bedmar, Customer Success Manager, Userlane

What Other People Say About Our Events

“The insights about PLG were clear & to the point while they made obvious that the product must be at the epicenter of any SaaS org.”

Manolis KokolakisSr. Product Manager Blueground

“I was able to map and understand all internal processes following product delivery and acknowledge why PLG should be the basic pillar behind any internal practice.”

Chris TsadarisPre-Event Trader Stoiximan

“Well structured trainers and the best trainers the industry can provide from world-class organizations. The programs was a great way to cultivate the PLG mindset and upskill my career path.”

Filippos TsakiridisSr. UX Designer Interamerican

“Fantastic actionable insights that allowed me to accelerate my learning curve in a new space and provided all the building blocks needed for a PLG foundation.”

Mohales DeisCOO, Founder Propouser

“Great trainings and diverse range of perspectives on all things PLG, from trainers that have proven record and hands-on experience on the matter.”

In?s LiberatoHead of product Innovation, Tax Systems

“Extremely valuable learnings on how Product-Led Growth can help the product become the No1 growth lever & embrace cross-alignment.”

Maria LigouriatiProduct Owner, Insurance Market

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