Attendee Guide to PLG Disrupt Conference 2020

On October 15th and 16th, 1000s of Product & CX experts across the world will join the 1st PLG Disrupt virtual conference to learn from top product and CX leaders and connect with like minded peers. We acknowledge that virtual conferences are a new concept to a lot of us, and this document will help you make sense of how everything is going to go down.

What each day look like

On each day, the event kicks off at 09:00 am EST. Keynotes will continue throughout the day, with Q&As,fireside chats, networking, virtual expo hall, and more. Keynotes will wrap up at around 6:30 pm EST, with ?doors? closing half an hour or so later.

Joining the Event

The event is being held on a web platform called Hopin. You will be redirected there to complete your purchase and RSVP your spot for the event. After you complete the purchase you must make a Hopin Account and create your profile to be able to gain access to the online conference.



The Reception area is the homepage that you?ll land on after you log in to Hopin. This will be the central place where you can see the agenda, important updates, and other information.


You can get a general overview of the Keynotes already on the PLG Disrupt marketing website ( You?ll also see a detailed Agenda inside the Hopin platform once you log in.

Keynotes & Q&As

After each batch of Keynotes, the speakers will dedicate about 15 mins for a live Q&A.

Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions will be held exploring a wide variety of topics related to Product Management, CX and PLG. You?ll see times for scheduled sessions in the agenda, they are first-come, first-served, and the conversations will be led by a facilitator. Look out for updates from us a few weeks before the conference kicks off.

1-to-1 Networking

One of the neatest features of PLG Disrupt will be the ability for you to connect with randomly selected attendees for a 10-minute video conversation. It’s up to you to set the topic — it could be a simple hello, or you might find something in common that you want to dig into in more detail. At the end, you can even hit a button to quickly share each other’s contact information. To start a discussion, simply head to the Networking page and click the ‘Ready’ button.


We’ve invited a select group of partners to showcase their products and services at PLG Disrupt. You’ll get a lot of value from exploring their virtual booths — catching product demos, speaking with their staff directly over video, and getting exclusive offers. More exciting updates will follow soon

Sessions Recording

Recordings of every session will be made available to All Access Pass and All Access Pass Teams after the event — you’ll soon receive related instructions and please note that you?ll need to wait a couple of days while these are being put together. If you are not a holder of one of these tickets, you’ll need to upgrade. If you are a Main Pass holder and want to upgrade you can do so by purchasing an Upgrade ticket on the marketing website.

Post Event Resources

All attendees will receive a PDF that includes notes for every Main Stage keynote! Look out for this and several other useful knowledge resources in your email the day after the event.

The Technical Stuff

We encourage you to use the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari for an optimal experience. Pro tip — if a video refuses to load or something seems to be going wrong, try refreshing the page.


Have a problem at any point and can’t find an answer?? Simply email us at [email protected] or join our PLG Slack Community and msg one of our community managers