Delivering Consumer Products for Foreign Markets

Session’s Overview

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In this session by PLG Disrupt, Idan Fargeon Product Manager Lead at Alibaba will share some of the challenges of designing and developing consumer products for a culture and language different than yours, and will suggest some tips on how to succeed in such role, followed by examples from her experience being a foreign working in the Chinese market.

Session’s Main Takeaways

  • Know your market & customers – This is key to building a great product when consumption differences are big.
  • Find local partners & tools – Get the right setup to support you when language is a barrier.
  • Build trust – Relationships matter when building a cross-culture collaboration

About the Speaker

Idan Fargeon

Lead Product Manager, Alibaba

Idan has been designing and developing products for the past 10 years, doing in internet giants like Google, and Alibaba. Currently, she?s a Lead Product Manager of Alibaba Israel Machine Intelligence Lab which is part of Alibaba DAMO Academy, helping translate customer insights, market trends and data (with an emphasis on machine vision) into products that customers love.

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