?Building Discoverability & Onboarding Into Feature Launches

Session’s Overview

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Launching a new feature or improvement isn?t enough to drive customer value. In this session by PLG Disrupt, Inessa Lurye, VP of Product at Yesware will explain how product teams can build discoverability and onboarding into a product launch?

Session’s key takeaways:

  1. Different types of discoverability by feature type and goal
  2. Importance of measuring impact
  3. Building room for iteration and learning
  4. Linking discoverability and feature and product retention

About the Speaker

Inessa Lurye

VP of Product Management at Yesware

Inessa holds an MBA with Highest Distinction from the Harvard Business School, an MPP from the Kennedy School of Government, and a BA from Swarthmore College. Currently she is the VP of Product at Yesware, a Product-Led organization that helps sales professionals achieve better sales results, where she oversees both the product and design teams.

She has led Yesware?s transition from planning around product outputs to planning around customer outcomes. Previously she has held product leadership roles at several mission-driven, venture-funded startups.

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