Driving Product Innovation Through Customer Insights

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Understanding your consumers’ needs and wants has become essential to ensure your product is future-proof. Listening to your audience and collecting user?insights empowers product marketers and product?managers to build customer-centric products and services.
In this session by PLG Disrupt, Francisco M. T. Bram, Head of Global Product Marketing at Uber will share a framework for collecting user insights, sprinting minimum viable products (MVPs) through design thinking and launching them.

Francisco will share an operating model between Product Management and Product Marketing and spotlight successful product launches based on customer insights.

About the Speaker

Francisco M. T. Bram

Head of Global Product Marketing, Uber

Francisco Miguel Bram is the current Head of Global Product Marketing at Uber with responsibility for marketing programs, go-to-market strategies and product launches. Prior to joining Uber, Francisco was the Senior Director of Global Marketing for Siemens leading all marketing activities for a Healthcare product portfolio.
Francisco is a customer obsessed marketing leader with a 12+ year track record of global business marketing and strategy having launched more than 50 products globally.Francisco?s greatest strengths are his creativity, strategic thinking and drive to help companies turn on lights and become innovative market leaders.
Having lived in several countries and being fluent in multiple languages, Francisco has the ability to connect with customers and internal teams with enthusiasm, energy and passion.

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