How to ?ffectively ?lign with your Product Team

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The ability to establish and sustain product market fit is at the core of accelerating a businesses growth. To do this, Customer Success plays a critical role in being the conduit to connecting Product Management with Customers to ensure ongoing alignment.
In this session by PLG Disrupt, Syndney Strader Head of Customer Success at Catalyst will focus on how placing Customer Success at the center of your organization optimizes for Product Management to keep a realistic perspective and consistent pulse on your Customers. With the right visibility, rest assured your Product team has the potential to build a highly valuable product that will in turn drive customer retention and growth.

About the Speaker

Sydney Strader

Head of Customer Success, Catalyst

Sydney Strader leads Customer Success at With 10 years of experience in the Customer Success field, Sydney is deeply passionate about building customer success teams who deliver memorable customer experiences that maximize business impact.

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