How Product Ops Empowers Product Management at Calendly

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At Product-Led Growth organizations, like Calendly, speed and quality of the decisions made by product teams is what drives growth. In this session by PLG Disrupt, Srinivas Somayajula Head of Product Ops, Monetization and Growth at Calendly will explain how the forces of all teams together deliver an exceptional experience that continues to accelerate growth – by investing in Product Operations (Prod Ops) as a critical enabler. Furthermore it will be anayzed how the Prod Ops team uses four key strategies to result in a preeminent product organization with exponentially impactful product teams.

About the Speaker

Srinivas Somayajula

Head of Product Ops | Monetization | Growth at Calendly

Srinivas Somayajula is the Head of Product Ops at Calendly – the world’s best way to share availability and schedule meetings that matter the most as quickly and efficiently as possible; he is also currently serving as the acting Head of Product. In his Product Ops role, Srinivas is focused on ways to optimize the speed and quality of decision making across the organization through process excellence, analytics, and change management practices.

Prior to Calendly, Srinivas was the Product Director for the core marketing platform at Mailchimp where he focused on democratizing marketing automation technology for small businesses. Srinivas led a team dedicated to delivering CRM capabilities to empower 14 millions customers to grow their businesses. He also spent a majority of his career as a management consultant serving as a trusted advisor to product and technology leaders in hospitality, technology product, financial services, and financial technology companies.

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