Product Prioritization Strategies

Session’s Overview

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Prioritization can become difficult. If you are building internal products, you have high demand from stakeholder and if you have customer facing products such as devices or Digital experiences, there are multiple inputs. In this session by PLG Disrupt, Greg Sylvester II, VP of Product at American Express, will propose a few ways product teams can prioritize their work to ensure they are addressing current customer issues, optimizations, and strategic features which will advance the product.

Session’s key takeaways:

  1. Tool and aids for prioritization – KTLO (keep the lights on request)
  2. Experimentation for new product and key features to keep the flow of innovation.

About the Speaker

Gerg Sylvester ||

VP Product Management, American Express

Greg has an undergraduate and graduate degrees in Computer Science and Accounting and doctoral work in Psychology and Biomedical Engineering. Today he is an established product leader currently working as a VP of Content and Data Platforms at American Express. The last 20 years he has led product management, data science, software engineering teams at companies such as eBay, PayPal, and Intel.

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