How to Better Run Win-Loss Analysis Programs

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Win/Loss programs provide direct customer feedback and invaluable insights into how well your marketing, product, support, and other areas of business are doing. While the benefits are numerous, many orgs fail to take advantage of win/loss analysis, and those that do, often find that the programs do not add value.

In this session by PLG Disrupt, Parag Pathak, Team Lead Marketing at IBM, will focus on:

  • How to drive key benefits of a win/loss program
  • The top 5 reasons those programs fail
  • Practical solutions to make win/loss analysis work for your team

About the Speaker

Parag Pathak

Product Marketing Team Lead, IBM

Passionate marketing leader, adjunct MBA professor and a keynote speaker who is able to think strategically about long term goals while handling the execution of day to day tactical marketing initiatives and sales strategies. Excels at creative problem solving and identifying ways to get things accomplished more effectively and efficiently across multiple business units and in alignment with corporate goals. Pragmatic Marketing Certified.

Key strengths include leading high-performing marketing teams, buyer personas/journey, GTM strategies, product launches, competitive analysis, sales enablement, analyst relations, solutions marketing, demand gen and events.

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